The Realworld. Contextualised.

Contextualised integrates and transforms your OOH site data, regardless of type or volume, into millions of contextualised audiences.

Unlock the value of OOH

OOH has the largest audience in the world. Almost 5x the size of Facebook and Google combined. Yet it is untapped. For years the screen/site has been the focus rather than the audience that surrounds it. Contextualised revolutionises OOH media by making it contextually targeted.

Context is King. And OOH is the King Of Context

The value of context is becoming a leading proposition for the online giants in anticipation of a post-cookie world. Agencies and clients are demanding superior planning and placement of their messaging to improve outcomes. Context is becoming ever more a desired premium environment and necessity. OOH uniquely can deliver 100% contextualised campaigns at scale and pace in the real world.

AI powered analysis

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to transform organizations, their industries, and the world around us. To achieve transformational change, you need a platform that brings AI out of the lab and into the real world. Contextualised is that platform.

Power in your hands

Contextualised reimagines how people use data by removing the heavy lifting involved with data integration, analysis, and contextualisation. With Contextualised, every user is able tap into the power of their organisation's audience data. Contextualised allows OOH organisations to remove the friction involved in OOH sales and free their people to become problem solvers for their clients.

Unlock your OOH

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